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Today, knee replacement surgeries have average success rates of just over 60%, and are also expensive, painful, and result in months or years of physical recovery. Knee pain and osteoarthritis patients are exploring non-surgical solutions to knee pain in record numbers, and regenerative medicine is helping these patients get the relief they need without the use of surgery or prescription drugs.


The team at Joint Regeneration Center of Utah is committed to helping our patients get lasting relief from knee and joint pain. Our team is able to accomplish this by focussing entirely on the root cause of joint pain, as opposed to the symptoms, and by leveraging regenerative care as opposed to surgery or prescription drugs. Regenerative care refers to a field of medical treatments that, as its name suggests, actually regenerates lost tissues and materials within the joint space. This process allows patients to actually gain back the lubrication that they have lost in their joint space, which is one of the root causes of knee pain as well as pain in other major joints.


For knee pain patients, we are proud to offer our Proven Non-Surgical Knee Pain Protocol, a testament to the power of regenerative medicine and non-surgical treatment alternatives for knee pain. Speak with our team today to book a completely risk-free, no-obligation consultation to see if you’re a candidate! 

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a marvel of modern medicine, and is possible thanks to recent advancements in the medical field. Regenerative medicine refers to a field of medical treatments that seek to regenerate lost tissues and materials in the body, helping to reduce or eliminate symptoms such as pain, inflammation, joint stiffness, and a variety of other symptoms and health conditions.

Traditionally, knee pain and pain in other major joints has been treated with surgery and prescription drugs, which often treat only symptoms, but do not help patients get the systemic relief required to alleviate joint pain and stiffness long-term. Regenerative care, on the other hand, actually aims to regenerate these lost tissues and lubrication in the joints, helping to greatly reduce pain, swelling, stiffness, and many of the other debilitating symptoms that knee pain patients suffer from. 

Regenerative care truly allows our team to get to the root causes of knee pain, rather than masking the symptoms. 

As we get older, the tissue and lubrication in our knees and other major joints begins to deteriorate simply as a factor of aging. This can be exacerbated by injuries, spending long periods of time on your feet, and a history of participating in sports. When this lubrication goes away, this is what causes the knee pain and joint stiffness that osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease patients are used to experiencing. The beauty of regenerative medicine is that regenerative care allows patients to actually gain back this lost lubrication and degenerated tissue, as opposed to simply having their symptoms addressed through prescription medications. 

Am I A Candidate for Regenerative Care?

Anyone experiencing knee pain or who suffers from osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease in the knees is a candidate for regenerative knee care. The regenerative treatment solutions that we offer at Joint Regeneration Center of Utah are fully natural, non-surgical, and pose little to no risk of infections. Given that roughly one-third of all knee replacements fail, we always recommend that osteoarthritis patients fully explore their non-surgical treatment options before making the permanent decision to get surgery, as regenerative solutions, like those that we offer, can help patients delay or even avoid replacement surgeries altogether! Our team works directly with each of our patients to assess candidacy for regenerative care. 

Have you tried a variety of the typical muscle and joint pain treatments with little or no success? Have you tried treatments that worked for a brief amount of time before your problems reappeared? The Joint Regeneration Center of Utah staff is here to assist you! If you’d like to learn more about our team’s powerful, proven regenerative therapies, please contact us today to take the first step toward a life free of knee, joint, and muscle pain.

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Access to quality care is our number one priority. While some of the regenerative treatments we offer are not covered under Medicare or most commercial insurance, we have a wide array of budget planning options to ensure you can receive the life-changing care you deserve.

Please contact us to learn more about our budget planning options making treatments highly affordable in nearly all cases.

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