Breakthrough Non-Surgical Knee Pain Protocol

A proven solution that offers fast, effective relief from knee pain.

An Effective Solution to Knee Pain Near You

Our team at Joint Regeneration Center of Utah is proud to offer our Breakthrough, Proven, Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment Protocol. This solution is giving patients the opportunity to delay or even outright avoid knee replacement surgery, as well as avoid prescription drugs, opioids and steroids, and gain back their mobility, freedom, and independence once again.

Through minimally-invasive methods, this treatment is presently providing patients with actual, long-lasting relief from knee pain, stiffness, and other symptoms of Degenerative Joint Disease and knee discomfort, all while being covered by Medicare and many commercial insurances! Our team at Joint Regeneration Center of Utah is dedicated to addressing the fundamental causes of knee pain and reducing these symptoms with our protocols, while other pain management teams focus on only treating the symptoms of these life-debilitating disorders.

What makes this treatment protocol so effective? 

It begins with our team identifying the exact areas in your joints in need of treatment. We perform this process using advanced imaging technologies that allow our team to gain an incredibly detailed view of the knee joint, helping them focus on the complication you’re experiencing in the joints. Next, our team leverages hyaluronic acid, a natural material that is found in our hair, joints, nails, and many other parts of the body. Patients receive a series of injections (this number varies by case), and is then fitted with advanced knee bracing and physical therapy. The combination of these components into one protocol is what allows our patients to achieve average success rates of 80-90% reductions in symptoms! 

FDA-Approved Knee Pain Treatment in Murray, UT

Using incredible accuracy and an all-encompassing approach, the team at Joint Regeneration Center of Utah is helping patients drastically reduce, if not eliminate, their knee pain caused by osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease, and gain back their mobility, freedom, and independence. Our patients are able to return to activities such as golfing, walking, exercising, and playing with grandchildren – activities that were once impossible due to debilitating knee pain. If there are any activities that knee pain is keeping you from enjoying, it is our team’s goal to get you back to those activities with little to no pain.

One of the best aspects of our breakthrough, non-surgical treatment protocol is that this protocol is likely covered, start to finish, by Medicare Part B combined with supplemental insurance and commercial insurances!

Your initial consultation is all about you and your goals – we provide a thorough exam to determine which pain therapy is ideal for you. We invite you to visit with our staff at the Joint Regeneration Center of Utah to see if our proprietary solution is the right treatment option for you! There’s no need to wait in pain – speak with our team today to book a completely risk-free, no obligation consultation to see if you’re a candidate for our breakthrough non-surgical protocol.

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Access to quality care is our number one priority. While the treatments we offer are not covered under Medicare or most commercial insurance, we have a wide array of financing options to ensure you can receive the life-changing care you deserve.

Please contact us to learn more about our budget planning options that make treatments highly affordable for nearly all patients. 

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