Laser Therapy

The Primary Goal of Laser Therapy is to stimulate targeted cells to perform natural functions at an enhanced rate.

Laser Therapy is used for the relief of pain, to accelerate healing, decrease inflammation, to reverse inflammatory disorders, and more. When laser energy is directed to targeted tissues, the energy penetrates deeply and are absorbed by mitochondria, the energy- producing part of a cell. This transfer of energy fuels many beneficial physiological responses resulting in the restoration of optimal cell morphology and function.

Laser Therapy has been successfully used to treat a broad range of medical conditions, including musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, sports injuries, post-surgical wounds, diabetic ulcers, malfunctioning immune systems, dermatological conditions, and more.

The Primary Goal of Laser Therapy is to stimulate targeted cells to perform natural functions at an enhanced rate. Targeted in chromophores, including hemoglobin and cytochrome c oxidase within the mitochondria, photomedicine treatments will aid in cellular respiration and reduce oxidative stress. In sharp contrast to so-called cold lasers which provide no feeling or sensation, real laser therapy provides a warm and soothing feeling during and after treatments.

Unlike many pharmacological treatments that mask pain or only address the symptoms of disease, laser therapy treats the underlying condition or pathology to promote healing. This means that photomedicine treatments can be more effective than pharmacology, include no side effects and include longer lasting benefits. 

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Dr. Paul Winterton, MD

Dr. Paul Winterton, MD is a Harvard-trained pain management physician and bone and joint specialist with over 25 years of experience in bone and joint care. Associated with the Mayo Clinic and member of the Executive Council of the Utah State Orthopaedics Society, Dr. Winterton is passionate about helping joint pain patients avoid or delay surgical care through regenerative and non-surgical treatments when possible.

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