Non-Surgical Feet & Ankle Pain Treatment

A reliable solution that offers fast, effective relief from feet and ankle pain.

Beneficial Solution for Ankle & Feet Pain in Salt Lake City

We are pleased to offer our cutting-edge, tried-and-true non-surgical treatment strategy for feet and ankle discomfort from the Joint Regeneration Center of Utah. In order to regain their mobility, freedom, and independence, patients now have the choice to delay or even totally avoid ankle and foot surgery as well as prescription drugs, painkillers, and steroids.

Patients who suffer from ankle and foot pain, stiffness, and other Degenerative Joint Disease and discomfort symptoms can get effective, long-lasting relief with this treatment’s minimally invasive procedures, which are accepted by Medicare and many commercial insurances. Our staff at the Joint Regeneration Center of Utah is dedicated to tackling the underlying causes of this illness, unlike other pain treatment teams who merely treat its symptoms.

Why is this method of therapy so effective? 

Our team’s initial action is to accurately pinpoint the joints in your body that need to be treated. Modern imaging tools are employed throughout this treatment to give our medical personnel a very clear look of the feet and ankles and to focus on the joint problems you’re experiencing. Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in our hair, joints, nails, and many other body components, is the third technique our team employs. Following a series of injections (the number varies depending on the scenario), patients receive improved physical treatment. As a result of combining these factors into a single treatment, our patients frequently see symptom reduction rates of 80–90%.

The Best FDA-Approved Ankle & Feet Pain Treatment in Murray, UT

By significantly lowering, if not totally eradicating, the pain and anguish that osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease have created in their ankles and feet, the experts at the Joint Regeneration Center of Utah assist patients in regaining their mobility, independence, and freedom. Due to their excruciating ankle and foot pain, our patients are now able to participate in activities like sports, walking, exercising, and playing with their grandchildren that they were before unable to do. If foot and ankle discomfort is preventing you from engaging in your favorite activities, our team wants to help you do so with little to no effort.


In addition to supplemental insurance and commercial insurances, one of the best things about our innovative, non-surgical treatment approach is that it is quite likely that it will be completely covered by Medicare Part B from start to finish.

On your first visit, we thoroughly examine you to help us determine the best pain-management plan for you. We invite you to get in touch with our experts at the Joint Regeneration Center of Utah to determine if our novel treatment is the best choice for you. You don’t have to suffer in silence; get in touch with our staff right away to arrange a risk-free, obligation-free appointment to see if you are a candidate for our revolutionary non-surgical process.

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Access to quality care is our number one priority. While the treatments we offer are not covered under Medicare or most commercial insurance, we have a wide array of financing options to ensure you can receive the life-changing care you deserve.

Please contact us to learn more about our budget planning options that make treatments highly affordable for nearly all patients. 

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