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The #1 Solution for Elbow Pain Near You

Our revolutionary, tested, non-surgical elbow pain treatment protocol is something that the Joint Regeneration Center of Utah is happy to offer. Patients now have the option to postpone or even completely forgo elbow surgery, as well as prescription medications, painkillers, and steroids, and regain their mobility, freedom, and independence.

This treatment uses minimally invasive techniques to give patients real, long-lasting relief from elbow pain, stiffness, and other Degenerative Joint Disease and discomfort symptoms, and it is accepted by Medicare and many commercial insurances! While other pain management teams only treat the symptoms of elbow pain, our team at the Joint Regeneration Center of Utah is committed to addressing the underlying causes of this condition and reducing its symptoms with our protocols.

Why is this treatment plan so successful? 

Our staff starts by pinpointing the precise locations of your joints that require treatment. We carry out this procedure using cutting-edge imaging technologies, which provide our experts an extraordinarily detailed look of the elbow and let them to concentrate on the joint complications you’re feeling. Next, our team makes use of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that is present in our hair, joints, nails, and numerous other body parts. Patients are provided with enhanced physical therapy after receiving a series of injections (the number varies depending on the scenario). Our patients typically see symptom reduction rates of 80–90% thanks to the integration of these elements into a single treatment. 

FDA-Approved Elbow Pain Treatment in Murray, UT

The staff at Joint Regeneration Center of Utah is assisting patients in greatly reducing, if not completely eliminating, their elbow pain brought on by osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease and regaining their mobility, freedom, and independence. Our patients are now able to engage in activities that were previously impossible owing to crippling elbow discomfort, including golfing, walking, exercising, and playing with grandchildren. Our team wants to help you resume your favorite activities with little to no discomfort if elbow pain is limiting you from doing so.


One of the best things about our ground-breaking, non-surgical treatment regimen is that it will probably be fully covered by Medicare Part B in addition to supplementary insurance and commercial insurances from beginning to end!

We do a thorough examination during your initial session to help us choose the best form of pain management for you. To find out if our unique treatment is the best option for you, we welcome you to speak with our staff at the Joint Regeneration Center of Utah. There’s no need to suffer in silence; contact our staff right now to schedule a risk-free, no-obligation consultation to find out if you qualify for our ground-breaking non-surgical approach.

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Access to quality care is our number one priority. While the treatments we offer are not covered under Medicare or most commercial insurance, we have a wide array of financing options to ensure you can receive the life-changing care you deserve.

Please contact us to learn more about our budget planning options that make treatments highly affordable for nearly all patients. 

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